The power structure's effort to shield the US population from unfolding global realities for as long as possible is relentless. Though the level of biosphere implosion that has already occurred should have long ago pushed populations into a state of panic, mainstream narratives of pacification and distraction have so far kept the herd calm. The burden of attempting to wake the masses has so far been borne by only a few, but that equation is finally beginning to change. On October 20th, the Geoengineering Watch Northern California awareness event drew a full house of extremely dedicated activists and individuals. Many traveled great distances coming from as far away as Australia, British Columbia, and numerous states all over the US. Connections were made, informational materials were distributed, awareness was raised. Where do we go from here? So much is so far past the breaking point already, when can we expect the breakdown the current paradigm to radically accelerate? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

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