Record West Coast heat and unprecedented wildfires are wreaking havoc in California while it it is snowing in Texas. What’s wrong with this picture? How will farmers grow food with so many abrupt and extreme weather fluctuations? How can the flora and fauna survive? The science community and government sources are still trying to claim that the technology to engineer the climate does not currently exist. Does such a narrative hold up to even the slightest objective investigation? As a result of our ongoing “Freedom of Information Requests” from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric administration, has recently received hundreds of additional documents on surface UV radiation. How many were redacted? Almost all of them. The US government and the agencies it controls have become nothing less than a covert criminal organizations. Is Earth’s ozone layer actually recovering? Or continuing toward total collapse? An official source of atmospheric testing for government agencies has admitted on the record to that their testing protocol is not sufficient to detect dangerous pollutants. Who has admitted this and what did they say? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

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