New studies now prove that the percentage of autism cases increase in direct proportion to the quantity of vaccines administered, this should not come as any surprise. Covert biowarfare against unsuspecting populations has always been a part of the equation for heavily militarized nations. Complex and resource intense societies are becoming increasingly unmanageable and unstable (largely due to accelerating biosphere implosion), power-brokers will play out their final hands. Events unfolded last week that were a culmination of power structure planning all the way back to the years just prior to the 911 false flag attacks. Where do we go from here? What is the greatest challenge we collectively face? The psychopaths in power who are wreaking havoc all over the globe? Or, is our greatest challenge the so far willfully blind completely complacent majority of the population that seems to feel no responsibility to whole? The May 12th installment of Global Alert News is below

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