Global power structures are more desperate and dangerous than ever before, unfolding and accelerating ecological collapse is further fueling that desperation. Behind the curtain of conflict between nations, covert cooperation continues on core issues like climate engineering, there is no other possibility. The "Department of Homeland Security" now seems to be categorizing as "an enemy of the state" any who dare to voice their opinion about our government, welcome to totalitarianism. The constant parade of completely engineered winter weather mayhem is wreaking havoc on populations in some regions while engineered drought is doing the same elsewhere. How dark will the wider horizon have to get before a larger percentage of the masses wake up to the fact that what we collectively face is nothing short of a fight for life? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Orchestrated winter weather whiplash events are taking a toll on targeted regions of North America, including Ottawa, Canada where the trucker protest is under siege. Record warmth continues in many other locations while much of California hasn't had a drop of rain since last year. The ongoing climate "intervention" operations serve many agendas and objectives for global power structures, what is occurring in our skies is completely connected to what the controllers are carrying out on the ground. As planetary ecological collapse expands and accelerates, those behind the curtain are tightening the noose from every conceivable direction. Can populations be awakened in time to turn the tide of insanity? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The climate engineers have continued whipping up weekly winter storms for the most populated portion of the US, the East Coast. The moisture feed for these storms is commonly coming from the record warm Gulf of Mexico. How can that be? Climate engineering. For the US West Coast, "winter weather" increasingly includes record high temperatures and wildfires. Climate intervention operations are yet again blocking the flow of precipitation into California and Oregon, drought is deepening by the day. Geoengineering Watch has warned about engineered drought for almost a decade. Are the weather makers intentionally crushing crop production while setting the stage for another summer of unprecedented forest incineration? As global power structures run out of options on many fronts, will they play the nuclear war card? Is there still time to make a difference? Can the controllers be stopped before life on Earth is decimated beyond the point of no return? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Engineered winter weather continues to be the focus of the global climate intervention cabal for the moment. In order to create the temporary and toxic surface cool-down scenarios, other regions are being completely dried out. A case in point is the US West which is yet again enduring the precipitation blocking processes of the geoengineers. Is the Western US just a "climate sacrifice zone"? No, the cutting off of winter precipitation from forested and agricultural regions has become a core component of the climate engineering agenda. Climate engineering operations are further fueling the complete collapse of the planet's life support systems, which can no longer support exploding populations. Global power structures are now more desperate and dangerous than ever before. What should we expect from them at this point? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Is engineered winter weather yet again being waged on US East Coast population centers? Are the same highly toxic chemical ice nucleation surface cool-downs also the core cause of the flash freeze events in numerous other parts of the world? What is preventing the majority from even seeing the climate engineering elephant in the sky? The power structure programmed mental "gatekeeper" has long since been an extraordinarily effective tool of the controllers. This form of self enforced blindness has kept the majority of populations completely oblivious to countless blatant power structure atrocities, past and present. As imminent impact looms large on our collective near term horizon, can the mass hypnosis be broken in time to still make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Ongoing and accelerating climate intervention operations continue to further fuel freeze/fry and drought/deluge extremes all over the world. After all the highly sensationalized corporate media reports of "extreme winter weather" in California, the once golden state is yet again warming, drying and  on fire <a href="">(Big Sur)</a>, this time in the middle of winter. Locations in the eastern US continue to be subjected to completely engineered "flash freeze" events. The script reading "weather forecasters" are tasked with covering the tracks of the climate engineers by attempting to explain away the ever more anomalous weather as just being random acts of nature. On the societal front wedges of discontent and division are truly taking a tremendous toll. The global controllers and their corporate media lap dogs are doing their best to ensure the divide and conquer scenario continues. With unfolding biosphere collapse looming large over our heads, what cards will global power structures play next? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Engineered winter weather whiplash is wreaking havoc in portions of the US and other regions in the northern hemisphere. In South America, record shattering heat is crushing crop production at the most critical time of the season. Record droughts and record flooding are also taking their toll all over the world, often within a close proximity to each other. The radically accelerating climate chaos is not the result of nature, and not just the result of climate change. Blatantly obvious climate engineering operations are core to the equation. What will it take for populations to acknowledge the elephant in the sky? In the meantime, the fires of CV-19 continue to be stoked. How long till impact? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Wild winter weather whiplash scenarios are now the norm. Seeding cloud moisture with biological and chemical ice nucleating elements is a patented technology that has existed for decades. This method of engineering winter weather has been kept completely covert. Governments around the world would rather their populations remain unaware of such processes and operations for obvious reasons. While the masses are completely caught up in the ever changing CV-19 scenario, what other cards are power structures playing out in our skies? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As we enter the new year, what will we collectively face on the wider horizon?  Midwinter flash firestorms in Colorado followed by snow. Warmer temperatures in Alaska than in Southern California. Droughts, deluges and flash frosts are crushing food crop production. Completely engineered climate disruption operations continue to fuel radical weather and temperature fluctuations all over the world. How much more can the climate system take before it is broken beyond any form of functionality? Many are now finally beginning to wake up to the fact that something very nefarious is occurring in our skies. What other controller agendas are simultaneously being carried out? Will there be enough of a public awakening to alter our current trajectory in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As 2021 draws to an end, global controller criminality, climate intervention operations, biosphere implosion and societal collapse, all continue to accelerate exponentially. Climate modification operations remain a primary weapon of the power structure and the military industrial complex that serves them. Increasingly radical weather and temperature extremes are wreaking havoc on infrastructure, ecosystems, food production and thus already struggling societies all over the world. As the great unraveling picks up momentum, the vast majority of media sources (corporate and alternative) are focused on everything but the wider horizon. Biosphere implosion has been, is, and will always be the bottom line factor fueling escalating insanity, chaos and collapse on every front. Thank you for tuning in to this year end extended version of Global Alert News.

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