Social media employees are finally beginning to protest against what they are being asked to do by the expanding police state. When will US military personnel refuse to participate in the global havoc they are currently helping to fuel? Accelerating climate collapse and related geopolitical conflicts are finally forcing many to wake up to unpleasant realities. Can we consider this a silver lining to all that is unfolding?  The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

How many can cite verifiable facts to back up their opinions and conclusions? How many are looking through a completely colored lens of preconceptions, programmed ideology, and herd mentality bias? How much longer can the current course continue before the human race hits the wall at full velocity? The collective insanity that currently runs and rules the world continues to metastasize even as they are also increasingly infighting amongst themselves. Headlines of “it’s far worse than previously predicted” are coming in from all corners of the environmental front, and even now the majority of the masses are entertained and distracted by every imaginable form of power orchestrated structure theater. Biosphere collapse will force the hand of the most dangerous power centers on the planet. Which countries and governments are the most dangerous and out of control? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

New studies now prove that the percentage of autism cases increase in direct proportion to the quantity of vaccines administered, this should not come as any surprise. Covert biowarfare against unsuspecting populations has always been a part of the equation for heavily militarized nations. Complex and resource intense societies are becoming increasingly unmanageable and unstable (largely due to accelerating biosphere implosion), power-brokers will play out their final hands. Events unfolded last week that were a culmination of power structure planning all the way back to the years just prior to the 911 false flag attacks. Where do we go from here? What is the greatest challenge we collectively face? The psychopaths in power who are wreaking havoc all over the globe? Or, is our greatest challenge the so far willfully blind completely complacent majority of the population that seems to feel no responsibility to whole? The May 12th installment of Global Alert News is below

What is the truth? What are the lies? How are each rapidly determining our collective futures? How can we have any chance of deciphering truth from lies unless or until we are willing to honestly investigate? The biosphere implosion cannot be hidden for much longer which makes the power structure more dangerous than ever. From the 911 attacks to wars of aggression in the quest for resources, those in power have been preparing for what they knew was coming for a very long time. What haven’t we been told by the power structure controlled mainstream media? Who is really pulling the strings and why? What is the end game? The latest installment of global alert news is below.

The human race must untether the natural world from its global onslaught of countless destructive activities if nature and the web of life is to have any hope of surviving. Technology (and those who worship it), cannot save us from ourselves, that is collectively up to us. Are major environmental organizations truly committed to the greater good of the biosphere as a whole? Or are they often little more than false fronts that mask total hypocrisy? Could climate engineering lead to war? Has this already been the case? Based on international surveys, which countries are considered the greatest threat to international peace? How desperate will the power structures of these countries become as a wider awareness of their actions (past and present) grows? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.